According to Remodeling Magazines 2017 Cost Versus Value Report for the Middle Atlantic Region (See Link Below), the Best Return was Attic Insulation at 121% Cost Recovery (Not too sexy, but interesting). Although I am not convinced a Buyer will pay all that much extra for something they can’t see.

But, how does this relate to your Return on Investment at Hershey’s Mill? By comparison, in the above referenced report, Kitchen, Master Bath, and Basement Remodel Returns were about 59-60%. However, this assumes that you spend the money today for these remodel projects and sell your Home tomorrow. The logic flaw is that these Reports do not reflect Hershey’s Mill Lifestyle.

Any Homeowner at The Mill who is considering undertaking a major remodel project and then immediately selling their Home has most certainly wasted their money.

The better strategy is to install that new Kitchen, Master Bath and/or Basement using today’s dollars and enjoy it while you can. With the excellent appreciation rate at Hershey’s Mill, you can then sell your Home down the line and easily recover more than your original investment.

That way you have actually added to your Nest Egg.

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